After Builders Cleaning

Once builders have completed a home extension, or renovation project, you will often find a great deal of dust and dirt. Cement splatters and plaster on your windows, paint drips in various places and dust and general grime though out your home. All this can be removed with proper chemicals and equipment. Well trained teams will make sure, that all jobs are done in no time.

Our after builders cleaning service teams, are very experienced and have carried out many after builders cleaning jobs.

We understand that you want your life to be back to normal. With as little fuss as possible. Only with Busy Clean.

Choosing Busy Clean as your cleaning company, will ensure that no trace of builders or their mess will remain. Instead, cleaners leave your home fresh and sparkling new, for you to enjoy. Try us out and spread the word.

Sometimes the cleaners do clean after themselves. They do so in a rush, but to be fair, they are not equiped or qualified to carry out the cleaning up to a professional level. We provide all necesary equipment. Believe it or not the equipment differs from ordinary Domestic, Deep Cleaning or even End of Tenancy Cleaning. The type of dirt is specific and it usaly involves a lot of dust. Sometimes we need to bring powerful solvents for paint. To summerise, when booking after builders cleaning, make sure to state all areas that need cleaning. Type of work carried out is crucial for us so we can bring proper equipment, and leave the place spotless. Pictures help also.

All things considered, all the additional equipment, hard stains and dust in every corner… You can imagine why this service is pricier than others. If you want a detailed quote for your cleaning you can contact us.

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