Top Ten Cleanest Countries in the World

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As a nation, we love to travel and explore beautiful countries.

But where to go next is the question that keeps coming up over and over again, when summer rolls around…

We suggest you work your way through our list, of the top ten cleanest countries in the world. You won’t be disappointed!

10 – France

Home to the City of Love and Europe’s Fashion Capital. It’s no wonder the French make an effort to keep their country shipshape!

In the past, the French were known for having a large pollution problem. However the French government has been working hard to combat this. Cleanliness polices and methods are constantly being updated. Despite being densely populated, France boasts high standards of sanitation with regard to air pollution, fisheries management and ecosystem ozone.

9 – Cuba

Known for blue skies, white beaches and swimming with dolphins, tourists flock to this country for the holiday of a lifetime. They’re rarely disappointed. The island, located in the Northern Caribbean Sea, has impeccably controlled levels of pollution and forest conservation. The communist government aims to maintain its idyllic, clean state.

Moreover, Cuba is a relatively low populated country, with just 11.3 million inhabitants – no wonder it’s spotless!

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8 – Switzerland

Famous for their exquisite chocolate, stunning White Mountain peaks and skiing, the Swiss also have the strictest environmental laws in the whole of Europe. As a result they boast the cleanest air and water in Europe.

Only 7.9 million people reside in its vast green landscape, and they live to an average of 81 years. Quite an achievement when you compare it to US’s 74 years!

7 – Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a popular holiday destination in South America. Largely due to its fantastic weather, pristine beaches and plethora of wildlife parks. It is one of only two countries in the America’s to make the ‘clean’ list.

Due to its effort to keep environmental and pollution policies in place, it has an abundance of wildlife and plant life. Costa Rica pledges to become carbon neutral by 2021.

6 – Sweden

Notorious for the greatest social care system in the world, Sweden also excels in environmental and cleanliness standards. It has clean water, low levels of air pollution and a low rate of greenhouse gases.

This is reflected in its plush green countryside, forests and high life expectancy (82 years).

5 – Norway

As European countries go, there is no denying that Norway is one of the most successful in many ways. Architecture and art are where it excels culturally. Stunning landscapes and overall beauty make it one of the most visited of the Scandinavian countries.

And its brilliance doesn’t stop there! As well as being one of the top three richest countries in Europe, it is also pretty damn clean.

Norway boasts high levels of water cleanliness, a great life expectancy (82 years) and low levels of pollution.

4 – Mauritius

The honey moon destination of choice for a plethora of newlyweds. Mauritius is made up of wonderfully clear waters, pristine white sandy beaches and warm, friendly people.

Its tiny population of people (1.3 million) make it supremely easy for it to maintain its ‘clean’ and ‘environmentally friendly’ reputation.

The government also does its bit to educate people on the importance of being environmentally aware, recently introducing a campaign entitled ‘To zete to tasse’. This was put in place in order to discourage people from littering and emphasise being kind to the environment.

3 –Austria

Known for its beautiful hills, valleys and greenery – and of course its rich history – Austria doesn’t disappoint when it comes to cleanliness standards.

There are many organisations in place taking strict measures to control sanitation, improve drinking water and protect both forests and marine life. This is so successful that it is said that the lakes and rivers are of drinking water quality.

The countries beautiful cities, rife with opera houses, shops, museums and architecture and kept spotless with almost no litter and strict recycling laws.

2 – Iceland

Home to one of the most sought after attractions in the world, and one of nature’s wonders ‘the Northern Lights’, it’s no wonder Iceland attracts tourists from far and wide.

Owing to this, Iceland’s administration takes keeping the country spick and span extremely seriously.

Iceland takes the title of cleanest country in Europe, and gets just over 80% of its energy from geothermal and hydro sources, making it the cleanest energy consumer in the world.

1 – Columbia

Widely thought of as being highly unsafe and the drugs capital of the world, you might be surprised to hear that Columbia is actually the cleanest country in the world!

Located in South America, it is home to a huge amount of different species, both plant and animal. It houses almost half of the worlds animal species and biodiversity is at one of the highest levels in the world.

Columbia uses natural sources rather than pesticides to maintain its crops, hence why the environment is clean, unpolluted and uncontaminated. Columbia comes second, only to Brazil with regard to fish, animal and plant species biodiversity.

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