Top Reasons Not To Clean Your House

The increasing demands of modern life often means little ‘me time’ or even time to spend as a family. Adults often take it upon themselves to forever be ‘responsible’ and to have every aspect of their lives organised and planned out. However, this is not always the healthiest and most sensible option. Family life can suffer as well as your own mental and physical wellbeing. So why do we have to constantly reason having fun to ourselves? Has society become so disillusioned that we can no longer see that the important aspects of our lives are the activities, and moreover people who mean the most to us? We say, it’s time for a shake up! Why not free up some time by dodging the dusting and shunning the sweeping? Switch things up and leave the cleaning to us. You’ll come back to a fresher home, and you’ll be a fresher, happier you! Here are some of the top reasons not to clean your house!

Family time is precious

Time passes in a blink of an eye. One minute, your baby is grasping your finger in the hospital delivery room, and the next; they are squirming over your presence at the school gate. Cherishing time and life as a family is essential. This applies evening if you do not have kids; every relationship needs nourishing. And, some of the best memories are created when you’re spending time away from technology, when you shirk the household cleaning and other such chores. What better, and more valid excuse is there than that?

You’re tired

It’s been a while since you had a good nap. The last one was before the kids were born. So…fourteen, fifteen years ago? In fact, you’ve gone that long without one, you’ve forgotten what a nap or lie in actually feels like. Whilst your teen happily sleeps in until midday on weekends and only resurfaces when food is served, you have to do a-million-and-one jobs. Maybe it’s time the tables were turned. Breakfast in bed anyone?

You’re busy

The mother-in-law has decided she’s visiting, you’re snowed under at work, the washing machine is broken, James has his piano lesson for his exam, and then there’s….

Sometimes, when the diary’s full and you’ve used up all of the post-its, it’s a sign that you need to make some more space for some me-time and de-clutter your life rather than your house. Running around at one-hundred miles an hour all of the time is not healthy. A happy and healthy you will impact on those around you. Not only will you make better and clearer decisions, you will be generally happier.

There are more entertaining forms of exercise

Like, water balloon fights? Or maybe in-line skating? Or horse riding… The options are endless. Why spend your days cooped up indoors staring at dusty shelves and grimy shower-heads, when you could be hiking up the hills and having a picnic with friends? Exercise is a large contributor to one’s health and happiness, so it’s important that you get it right. And as the popular adage goes, you only live once!

You’re going away

Travel preparations can eat into your time. Organising your packing, shopping for the bits that you are missing, sorting your holiday insurance, flights, who is looking after the fish whilst you’re away… all takes time. Often people end up turfing everything out of their wardrobes to find that one garment, or empty out their drawers to find their passport, which incurs a fair bit of dust and clothing fibres. It’s then tempting to leave the mess to be dealt with when you’re back, but even in the time that you are away, more dust, insects and other such unwanted materials will accumulate in your home. Coming back to a fresh and clean home, where you can leave your cases and relax after travelling is far preferable.

Bending’s an issue

For those who have back issues, who have just had surgery or are in the latter stages of pregnancy; bending may become extremely difficult. When your partner is busy, and there are nooks and crannies that are just too difficult to reach, cleaning your home may become problematic. Chemical sprays, which may be inhaled and lifting heavy equipment such as vacuum cleaners can also have a negative impact on the health of those who are recovering from certain forms of surgery or who are pregnant. In such circumstances, a cleaner may be advisable in order to keep your home as sterile as possible to help to shorten the recovery process and to keep your house fresh and pleasant.

Perhaps, you don’t need a reason to justify wanting someone else to clean your home? Life’s short and is meant to be lived, whether that equates to family time, ‘me time’ or simply time to chill. Let’s face it – there are more exciting things to be doing than dusting anyway!

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