Quirky Cleaning Hacks – No Products Necessary!

Run out of cleaning supplies and no time to run down to the shops? With our busy lives nowadays it happens to the best of us – but never fear! There are many run of the mill household items that can serve a purpose other than what they’re known for!

Be it food, condiments or other random objects you can find around your house, these items will help you get your house clean and stay on budget…



Who would have thought this thick, sticky liquid would actually be a great tool for cleaning?! Its greasy consistency makes it perfect for polishing surfaces and removing water rings. Olive oil mixed with a little bit of salt is also good for this purpose.


News flash – you don’t ever need to buy silver cleaning/polishing products ever again! Toothpaste works just well as all the recognised silver cleaning brands – and at a fraction of the price. Squeeze a pea sized amount onto a clean rag and use it to polish – anything silver will be sparkling in no time.


Mouthwash won’t just get your mouth minty fresh; It also does wonders for your floor! Mix a lid full of mouthwash with around 4 litres of water in a bucket. Grab a mop and wash tile or vinyl floors; not only will they be gleaming, the minty germ killer will also help to kill germs gathered on the floor from feet and shoes.


Who needs Febreze when you read the paper daily? Newspaper is a natural odour killer; stuff inside shoes to ward off bad smells or line your bins with it in to absorb and unpleasant scents. And its magical properties don’t stop there; old newspapers are also a great replacement for paper towels when wiping down windows. Not only is it much less expensive it’s also more effective.

Tennis Ball

Use a tennis ball (preferably not one that’s been out in a muddy field or used to play fetch with the dog) to clean your tiles, woodwork or vinyl – add a little water to the surface of the tennis ball and rub away to clean away any scuff marks and reduce the appearance of scratches.

Old Clean Socks

Odd socks are never a good look, so next time you come across a single lonely sock and can’t find its partner, rather than throwing it away put it to good use; socks make great dust trappers! Simply put the sock onto your hand (like a sock puppet) and run your hand along windowsills, radiators or blinds to collect up all the excess dust. (Just be sure to remember to throw the dust-ridden sock away afterwards!)

Shaving foam

Getting a stain on your carpet is always stressful – especially if your carpet is cream or light coloured. Plain, odourless shaving foam can be used as a carpet cleaner for greasy stains as the foam helps to break the grease down. Simply spray on, rub in, leave for half an hour and rub away with warm water.


Not just a great partner for Red Bull, vodka is also a miracle cleaning product; we for one always have a bottle stashed away in our cupboards! If you have children, or are just a clumsy writer, you’re bound to have felt tip pen or Biro marks on upholstery, furniture and walls – and vodka is the only thing we’ve come across that gets them clean out! Additionally, vodka is a great kitchen cleaner due to the fact it cuts through soap scum and mildew, destroys stains and when pots, pans or jars are soaked in it, it can get rid of stuck on food or gloop.

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