Hollywood Inspiration to get you Spring Cleaning


Unless you are Monica Geller, no matter how old you are, cleaning your home is a task of its own and no breeze. Cleaning for the majority of households is a ritual and is never free from arguments or tantrums. Washing the dishes, folding the laundry and dusting both the ornaments upstairs and downstairs is nobody’s definition of a ‘whale of a time’. According to a survey conducted by British Gas, Britons spend on average 560 million hours spring cleaning their home. According to Mintel, cleaning per week takes 4 hours 40 minutes and women (no surprise there) spend 5 hours 25 minutes cleaning compared to their male counterparts who spend just 3 hours 53 minutes. When you break it down, home owners will spend 42 minutes vacuuming, which burns through 136 calories; the equivalent to three chocolate biscuits. So once you have finished, you can definitely reward yourself with what you have lost.

From the survey conducted by British Gas, it was also discovered that scrubbing the oven takes around 34 minutes, polishing takes 35 minutes and washing clothes takes 61 minutes in total. So when you have family members lounging around the house, whilst you’re doing the dirty work (literally), there is no reason why they can’t all scrub in and alleviate some of the tasks.

So once you’ve been assigned your weekly chore, why not up the fun and use Hollywood Inspiration to get you Spring Cleaning and you will sail through your chores.

Disney Classics

The all time Disney classics have taught us a thing or two about relationships, whether they be with your parents or prince charming. They have taught us how to be kind, gentle, caring and humble and to respect your elders. But some of the most memorable scenes include a dust pan and brush. Remember Mary Poppins and her miraculous powers that enabled the children to tidy their toys away? Well Disney has given us some of the best cleaning scenes, teaching us a thing or two when it comes down to picking up our mess.

Snow White was Disney’s first feature length film that included the famous song ‘Whistle While You Work’ as she also has the help of magic and animals when sweeping the house!

Other famous scenes include Sword and The Stone, Cinderella and Enchanted, but don’t be fooled into thinking cleaning can be done at the snap of a finger. Whilst our most-loved Disney childhood classics use magic, they teach us the value of cleaning and why it should be done.


If an old granny can clean (and by that we mean the famous Mrs Doubtfire), then anyone can grab a broom and attack the dust levels. From Mrs Doubtfire grabbing the vacuum cleaner and dancing around to Aerosmith’s Dude Looks Like A Lady, to Monica Geller in Friends comparing the drycleaner’s to Disneyland; there’s a spot of awe and inspiration to be had. Despite cleaning sounding like a tedious task of boredom, if you time it right and pick the chores you enjoy doing, there is reason to believe you can channel your inner OCD.

Cleaning has cemented itself as an everyday necessity and despite the number of us complaining, day in, day out, it is one part of society that will never die out. Reassuringly, to make cleaning a little less intimidating, the world of film, from Disney to Hollywood’s sit coms have provided us with a means to make cleaning look funny and magical at all times.

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