Funniest Cleaning Company Names

The cleaning services industry is a highly competitive marketplace, with many companies battling for their share. It’s tough to differentiate yourself in such a cut-throat sector, you can try lowering your prices or guarantee. But that could just result in a price war like the supermarkets in the Britain are fighting out right now. And Asda have been singled out by the Competition and Markets Authority after receiving a super complaint recently for their price promotion tactics. So some businesses, with nowhere to turn have come up with a crazy and memorable company name to try and stand out. Does it work? Take a look and decide for yourself:

Which is the Funniest Cleaning Company Name?

  • Is it just cats or..?
  • An air-con company that does what it says on the tin
  •  __A removal company name that kicks ass
  • That well-known high-street retailer..
  • A chimney sweep you can trust
  • What’s the catch?
  • Forget the rest, here’s the best
  • The unlikely hero of the plunger
  • GOLD! Always believe in your valet?
  • The Boss himself – as clean as the summer of ‘69
  • When your drains require a crack-team of commandos.
  • Erm . . why not take a shower instead?
  • Cleaning that hits the spot!
  • We’re almost certain this was a Photoshop job courtesy of Reddit, but you can’t knock the creativity
  • How clean can your beaver be?
  • This company is genuine – and who can deny the cleaning powers of the lord?

We think a catchy or outrageous name is not the key to business success. Yes, it’s funny and you won’t forget them anytime soon. But what’s more memorable? A funny company name and average service or simply great service? For no nonsense, highly-trained, experienced cleaning services look no further than Busy clean. And as our company name suggests, we aren’t wasting time on cheap marketing ploys, we’re too busy cleaning!

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