Clean your way to success with 5 useful apps

Day to day life consists of running around like a headless chicken. Running around dropping off your children at play dates, doing a weekly food shop, cooking and working is a lot to take in when you’re a working parent. Household cleaning is a tedious task and we don’t seem to stop complaining about it.

So how can you stay sane, whilst conquering your fears of cleaning when you have a few hours free in the day? Okay, so grabbing a coffee with your friends or hitting the gym to achieve your perfect beach body sounds a little more up your street, but in this day and age there is help for everything.

If you can’t afford a cleaner, the following android and iOS apps can make your chores a little more manageable and easier to structure. So why not clean your way to success with 5 useful apps!

We have taken the liberty of compiling a list of some of the best cleaning apps at your rescue!

Fridge Pal

Available to download off iTunes Apple Store for free

We all open the fridge, gaze in to see what we wanted is not there. We then close the fridge, reopen it just to double check. But the days of doing so and bickering over the last desserts in the fridge are gone. Fridge Pal, enables you to add the expiry dates of all your products onto the app. Once a particular product is near to expiring, you will get a reminder to purchase more.

Green Shine

Available to download off iTunes Apple Store for £2.99

We have become pretty obsessed with saving the planet and doing all we can to go green. Green Shine will help you replace your commercial cleaning products bought at your local supermarket and to find the healthier and greener alternatives to ensure you are doing your bit. There are 128 tasks that have greener solutions and if you wish to change your habits when cleaning, this may be the way to go.


Available to download off iTunes Apple Store for £3.99

The name of the app says it all – we all need routine and structure and cleaning your home is no different. The app will help you schedule tasks around the house and and when you have the time to do so. You can also split it by morning, afternoon and evening and by the rooms; which are called ‘zones’.

You Rule Chores

Free to download off iTunes Apple Store

Cleaning is difficult in itself, so getting your children to help is even more of a chore. You Rule Chores is a helpful and playful app that gives parents the control needed to rope their children into helping around the house. The app is a game and all the children must do is pick a character and earn coins along the way for their real-life rewards.


Available to download off iTunes Apple Store and Android for free

It’s about time you were able to create a routine that caters your requirements. If you wish to save time, money and reduce your clutter, Brightnest can help you do so, by incorporating these aspects into your routine. There is also a home quiz that provides useful tips around the home, if and when you encounter a situation you’re not sure how best to deal with.

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