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7 Grime-Busting Foods For Cleaning Your Home


Let’s face it, sometimes we find ourselves running out of the essentials; soap, the good bleach, a fully-formed and fresh duster (without the obligatory stains and threadbare holes: is it just me?!) and polish etc; leaving us with the option of either heading down to the local shop, or simply ‘making do.’ Well, the good… Read More

Commonly Overlooked Areas When Cleaning


Busy schedules often act as the perfect excuse for skipping out on household cleaning. The temptation is to think, ‘I’ll do that little bit there when I clean next week’ or, ‘I’ll just focus on these areas today, I’m strapped for time.’ And lo and behold, a thick coating of dust forms on neglected areas. However, there… Read More

Clean your way to success with 5 useful apps


Day to day life consists of running around like a headless chicken. Running around dropping off your children at play dates, doing a weekly food shop, cooking and working is a lot to take in when you’re a working parent. Household cleaning is a tedious task and we don’t seem to stop complaining about it.… Read More

How to Bring Hay fever to a Halt in your Home

Girl sneezing in field hay fever

Sniffly nose? Itchy skin? Sneezing all over the place? Yep, it’s that time of year again. Spring is the worst time for a hay fever sufferer, and according to scientists, this year is one of the worst yet; with the pollen count being particularly high, as a hay fever sufferer you’re probably very uncomfortable. Why… Read More

10 Spring Cleaning Memes For Motivation


Spring  cleaning. The most hated phrase that is coupled with the onset of warmer weather. So winter is finally over – hallelujah! But with warmer weather, comes the courage and motivating spirit to dust off the layer of dirt that has accumulated over the last few months. We all know cleaning doesn’t necessarily stop during winter,… Read More

Top Reasons Not To Clean Your House


The increasing demands of modern life often means little ‘me time’ or even time to spend as a family. Adults often take it upon themselves to forever be ‘responsible’ and to have every aspect of their lives organised and planned out. However, this is not always the healthiest and most sensible option. Family life can… Read More