How can Pokemon Go Help you clean up your life?


Pokémon Go, is the awesome new mobile gaming app that has swept the world up in a nostalgic frenzy of joy. The augmented reality app was released last weekend in the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, Belgium and Japan. It’s not available in the UK yet, but is expected to be released within the month. And if you can’t wait any longer, here’s how you can get it now. The app has been dubbed the biggest mobile game in American history. But how could the reborn craze help you clean your home?

The game essentially revolves around the concept of catching Pokémon and battling gyms for your team, if you haven’t played it yet. Unlike the old version you may have played over 10 years ago, you actually have to move and go outside to catch Pokémon. This has had astounding effects for people suffering with anxiety and depression as it has made them go outside and enjoy the world. Where they otherwise would not have.

The game is linked up with your GPS location and uses a Google Maps type interface that lets you explore your local neighbourhood in the search for your favourite creatures. Now, how can this help you clean up your life?

Cleaning is a chore. It’s boring. It’s tedious. And most of all its time consuming. No one really enjoys it, even if you’re a clean freak, it can get tiring. So how do you make that horrible household chore fun? Playing Pokémon Go might just be your saviour. Not only could it improve your overall fitness, like many journalists have dubbed it “secretly the world’s best new fitness app”. Try playing while you do the rounds in your house. You’d be surprised how productive you become.

You can make Pokémon the source for all your productivity:

  • If you run out of any supplies like kitchen towel or washing-up liquid, you can walk to the shops, catch Pokémon and make use of vital Pokéstops along the way. Adding extra steps onto your daily count.
  • Play while you clean your bathroom. With the novelty back-camera feature, you can catch a Squirtle on your taps whilst scrubbing your sink. Never miss a spot again, with this high-concentration app.
  • Unlike many other mobile games, you can’t just sit still while playing this game. So preoccupy yourself with washing up or tidying up mess while you wait for your next Pokémon to appear.
  • Incubating Poké eggs requires you to walk a certain distance in order for them to hatch. Running the hoover round with your phone in your pocket can help you clock up those vital metres. Some people have even resorted to strapping their smartphone to their ceiling fans to try to game the system, so you could try something similar and tape it to your lawn mower or let it ride your Roomba.
  • And if you’re out walking, jogging or cycling to your next pokéstop, why not bring a bag with you to pick up some litter along the way. Helping the environment, exercising and playing your favourite game all at once.

The game is highly addictive and has already seen a man lose his job in Singapore over it. So instead of risking your job, save your Pokémon productivity for when you’re at home. Prepare to catch ‘em all, and I’m not just talking about the little imaginary creatures, go catch all the dust, mess and grime in your home too. Of course, if you’re too preoccupied with filling up your pokédex than tending to your home then perhaps consider hiring a cleaner, to take care of the inevitable mess building in the un-augmented reality of your house.

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