2016 Spring Cleaning Guide


With the arrival of spring, it is time to crank down the heating and to arm yourself with cleaning supplies ready to tackle those cleaning tasks that you’ve been meaning to tackle throughout the winter months. To give your home that spring feeling and a boost of freshness throughout, we have put together 2016 spring cleaning guide with a range of simple ideas and cleaning tips to make the process a breeze!

Vacuum Your Mattress

This household chore should be carried out on a regular basis however, with modern life eating away at time, it easily gets forgotten. Flipping your mattress will help to elongate its life. According to the Mail, ‘Around 10 million dust mites are found in the average bed. Expert warns dust mites and germs living in our sheets cause asthma, hay fever, flu and food poisoning.’ By vacuuming your mattress, dust mites are drastically reduced.

Spring Aromas

On a sunny springtime day, take the opportunity to open your windows and back doors for a couple of hours. Not only will this help to defuse the smell of strong cleaning sprays and bleach, it will encourage the circulation of fresh air throughout your home. It is very tempting to keep your doors and windows firmly shut throughout the winter months owing to heat preservation however, the best way of ensuring that fresh smell in your home is to allow the fresh air in! Spring flowers offer a sweet springtime aroma. Some people prefer stronger scented flowers such as hyacinths, whereas others prefer the subtler scents of tulips, daffodils or daises.

Wash Your Shower Curtain

Shower curtains occupy a large portion of the visual space in your bathroom. To get them looking clean and new, unhook them and pop them in the washing machine on a gentle spin with a couple of bath towels either side (this prevents creasing).

For stubborn stains mildew and mould, you can, as advised by Reader’s Digest, ‘add

1/2 cup baking soda to your detergent during the wash cycle and 1/2 cup vinegar during the rinse cycle. Let it drip-dry; don’t put it in the dryer.’

Air Your Duvet

Check your duvet’s washing instructions. Those that are not advised for home washing may allow for dry cleaning. For a quick fix in terms of freshness, simply strip your duvet covers off and hang the duvet over the washing line for a couple of hours to allow for a fresher feel. With a set of clean sheets and pillow cases, your bed will have that amazing fresh and clean feeling.

Wipe Your Skirting Boards and Picture Rails

Skirting boards and picture rails are often neglected in our regular cleaning routine. Even if you vacuum them with the relevant nozzle attachment, this does allow for the removal of rubber scuff marks or other forms of dirt. To achieve better results; with a microfiber cloth, wipe away any excess dirt. Then, with some fresh water, a small amount of Cif Cream and a non-abrasive cloth, gently work on any remaining marks. Finally, with fresh water, clean off any remaining Cif, and dry to prevent damage to the woodwork.


To achieve the ultimate fresh feel for your home, the above ideas and tasks should be in addition to your usual cleaning routine. Also, if you do not incorporate it as part of your regular routine already; your porch should be swept out and washed. This prevents all of your hard work being undone when people walk in your house, bringing in their muddy boots! The spring may offer brighter day and a burst of freshness, but the spring showers make for muddy paws!