£1billion a year cleaning up Britain: What a load of rubbish!

Pardoning the play on words; £1billion a year cleaning up Britain: What a load of rubbish! The figure, published in an article in the, makes for a worrying statistic. Furthering this concern, “of the 825,000 reported cases of fly-tipping that were made; only 2,000 convictions were actually carried out.”

But why does this really matter? Surely there are more pressing issues to be dealing with than chasing the odd empty crisp packet down the road? Well, we’ll skip the lecture and head straight for the hard facts. Let’s start with what we know – the cost of clearing up our country is financially mind boggling! £1,000,000,000… That’s a nine nought figure! Can you even picture 100 items in your mind? Although a relatively small chunk of the government’s budget; this sum of money, without doubt, could be better invested elsewhere, if slovenly Britain decided to clean up its act.

So what could £1 billion of taxpayer’s money actually fund?

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