10 Spring Cleaning Memes For Motivation


Spring  cleaning. The most hated phrase that is coupled with the onset of warmer weather. So winter is finally over – hallelujah! But with warmer weather, comes the courage and motivating spirit to dust off the layer of dirt that has accumulated over the last few months. We all know cleaning doesn’t necessarily stop during winter, but the tasks that require a little more effort; such as cleaning out your outside bins, pipes, drains and outside garages are those that are postponed until we think it’s safe enough to be outside for longer than five minutes before catching hyperthermia.

To help soften the blow and sweeten the mood, we have collected some of our favourite motivational cleaning memes that not only see you through your cleaning checklist, but illustrate your current mood.

Here are our 10 spring cleaning memes for motivation:

That feeling when you see your cat hiding, curled up in a ball, knowing they get more sleep than yourself – fair? We say no!

You went the whole way through winter without excessive cleaning…so what’s a few more days? We all know sleep deprivation matters more!

Lying in bed feeling guilty that you should be keeping your house spick and span? Maybe you have that urge to get out of bed? Oh wait – no that’s just wishful thinking.

That feeling when you’re told to stay upstairs away from your teenagers birthday party to avoid parenting embarrassment – but the thought of crumbs is taking over!

Cleaning can take its toll, so we all know the answer to keeping a clean house – make sure no one but yourself lives there and you will lead a stress-free (BUT CLEAN) home!

You give your man one job to do when cleaning the remains of the New Years Eve Party and this is all you get…!

The moment you realise that you’re jealous of Snow White, not because of her beauty, but her ability to lure animals to help her clean – where do we sign up to this?

The feeling when you know you’ve escaped the wrath of a dad like Liam Neeson and there’s no getting away from doing your chores.

When you know you’ve made a mountain out of a molehill and the task you had to do was more trivial than you had imagined…

When your daughter has too much sassiness for her own good…and cleaning just is too much to ask for!

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